Do the concepts we have - and probably share - in our language(s) really let us understand what the other culture is talking about?

The concepts we have are not just isolated words but complex notions generated by the world view of those around us, and of those who have gone before us tackling the questions of life within the context in which we - but not necessarily the others - have been shaped.

Tying People into Circles - Communicative Strategies (2010)

Keyword: The concept of order  .

Respite from Everyday Life: Kôtô-ku in Recollections (1998) (.version 2)

Keyword: The concept "leisure"

Dürfen wir von "japanischer Musik" sprechen? (1995)

Keyword: The concept "music"

Dismantling the East-West Dichotomy - But what happens with Religion? (2006)

Keyword: The concept "religion"

Wo tiefer Ernst am Platze ist - Religion in Japan  (1993) (.version 3)

Keyword: The concept "religion"

The Price of Ritual (2013)

Keyword: The concept of ritual

Spiel, Arbeit und Kontingenz: Die Vorstellung von "Gegensatz" im Japanischen  (2010) (.version 2)

Keyword: The concept of opposites

What do Japanese Exchange Students Think about Japanese Religion? (2008)

Keyword: The concept "religion"

Was Studenten über die Eheschliessung denken - Betrachtungen zur Uebersetzbarkeit japanischer Texte (2003)

Keyword: Translation

Bildung und Schönheit in Japan (2007)

Keyword: The concept "beauty"

Der Geschmack einer fremden Kultur: Japan (2011)

How could "taste" be defined for Japan?

"Voluntary service" vs. "borantia" (2016)

Keyword: The concept "volunteer"

Menschenformung und Konflikt. Gibt es überhaupt Konflikt an japanischen Schulen? (1991/2002)

The danger of possibly culture-specific keywords

Japans Vorstellungen von Menschenwürde im Spiegel seiner kommunikativen Strukturen (2004)

Human rights - human dignity

Das Heilige in der japanischen Kultur (2007)

What is sacred?

Pilgrimages in Japan - How far are they determined by deep-lying assumptions? (2007)

Seeking to understand concepts of the universe and its rhythmical order

Weiterdenken - Näherschauen. Japan (2020)

Untranslatable concepts